• 230 Park Avenue, NY, New York
  • +1.212.946.4926
  • contact@elevity.com
  • Disruptive Ideas Start Here.
    We bring resources and experience to provide idea-makers with access to the tools
    they need to create successful and meaningful outcomes.
  • We’re a different kind of tech firm
    It’s not just about capital. You need expertise from fellow entrepreneurs, engineers and marketers. We know what it takes to make an idea fly. We’ve been there and done that.
  • Let's make it happen
    Whether you’re an investor or an entrepreneur with a working concept, our intake process starts with you.
    We evaluate each and every opportunity. If ideal, our team will provide any and all resources to ensure a smooth and proper execution.
How we do it
It starts with an idea
We begin by evaluating the idea, opportunity and the team.
Apply resources
In addition to capital, we also provide support if needed to ensure a smooth start-up launch.
Adjust and calibrate
We get it. Sometimes getting it right means you have to pivot.
Execution and release
From marketing and PR, we got it covered it.
About Elevity

Elevity Ventures is a private tech firm that specializes in early stage ventures. Elevity invests capital and human resources in early to late stage companies that focus on social, cloud, app and biotech based industries. With over 100+ years of combined senior partner experience, Elevity has a diversified skill-set capable of addressing any current and future needs throughout the management lifecycle.

  • Consulting
  • Advisory
  • Technology Development